Introducing Our Beauty Time Machine:

NovoThor Whole-Body Light Pod
NovoThor is a full body light pod that delivers red/near-infrared, low-level light to the skin to improve, repair, and reduce inflammation/pain experienced.
First NovoThor session FREE for European Wellness Patients!


• Improves skin clarity, tone and texture
• Increases skin collagen production
• Faster wound healing & scar healing
• Reduces inflammation
• Reduces joint pain
• Reduces fatty tissue and enhances weight loss
• Improves mental health & depression
• Increased testosterone production in men
• Enhanced muscle recovery
• Improved athletic performance
• Improved sleep and reduced stress levels


Make this part of your beauty and wellness program with just 3, 15-minute relaxing sessions per week. Feel and see the difference! Introductory Pricing for European Wellness Clients $299 monthly membership. Includes unlimited Monday through Friday sessions plus one to pay forward. A package can be shared with your significant other. $99 for 3, test run package $55 single session To book or find out more about NovoTHOR Light Pod, call us at (888) 706-1245.