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Turn Your Pancake Butt into a Bubble Butt!

Emsculpt is:
• Non-invasive
• Clinically tested
• No downtime!
Reduces fat and builds muscle with 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions per treatment. Six pack abs and a booty lift are 4 treatments away, done in a two week period.
Book your FREE consult! Mention this offer and receive $500 off of your treatment.
To book now, call 888-706-1245 or email info@europeanwellness.com.
“Emsculpt is amazing! It made a big difference in my life. It has definitely taken me to a next level in terms of how I look.” – Danny Gilbert

Smooth Skin & Accelerate Healing

Achieve a more vibrant appearance on the face, neck, and chest. RF energy is applied to the skin in a matrix. The healthy skin around the matrix accelerates the healing process with collagen synthesis.
Special Offer! 1 for $599 (reg. $799) OR 3 for $1500 (reg. $1800)
To book now, call 888-706-1245 or email info@europeanwellness.com.

Slow Down Aging with LifeVantage

Our products support your healthy cells. Aging is accelerated by your body’s “rusting” from the inside out. Our products support your healthy cells to slow down ageing by fighting free radicals!
With LifeVantage Protandim, NRF1 synergizes nutrients to harness the energy of youth-mitochondria. An essential biohack for brain health and cognitive performance.
With LifeVantage Protandim NRF2 Synergizer, NRF2 aids your cells in the production of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals, leaving you feeling more youthful and healthier.
Call 888-706-1245 or email info@europeanwellness.com for more information.

Book Now for Our September Botox Days

Schedule your appointment now for our September Botox Days:
Wednesday, September 11th
Wednesday, September 25th
Enjoy discounts on the following services:
Botox at only $9/unit (reg. $11.50/unit)
Juvederm at only $525 (reg. $600)
Voluma now at $750 (reg. $800)
Bring a friend who is a new patient and get 5 units free!
Click here to book your spot for Botox Day.

ssInjury Management & Wound Healing

PBM Near Infrared Light Therapy and Spot Cryo for injury management, wound healing, and overall health and beauty.
Handheld Novothor Red Light Therapy and Novothor Cold Laser for Pain Management – $75 per session
Spot Cryotherapy with Liquid Nitrogen – $75 per session
Combined Treatment – $140
To book now, call 888-706-1245 or email info@europeanwellness.com.

Cool Off with Cryofacial Treatment

  • Great post-laser treatment
  • Reduces pores
Also Available: Spot Cryo for Injury Management – $65
Try our Hydra and Ice Facial that combines our state of the art customized Hydrafacial with a Cooling Cryofacial – $285
To book now, call 888-706-1245 or email info@europeanwellness.com.

Perfect No-Downtime Summer Treatment!

Get the Goddess Glow this summer with Aquagold Custom Blended Microchanneling Treatment. No downtime!
Treatment with Vitamins Only – $375

Treatment with Filler, Toxins – $575 /3 pack is $1500

To book now, call 888-706-1245 or email info@europeanwellness.com.

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