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Botox Club: Exclusive Invitation

$99 Monthly Membership (only 25 memberships offered!)
• 4 FREE Hydrafacials
• $8 Botox any day
• $475 Juvederm or Restylane any day
• $675 Voluma
• $300 Laser Treatment IPL, Sublime, Microneedling
• $525 Aquagold
• 15% OFF product purchase
Plus: Exclusive Offers for members only.
*with signed 12 month contract, monthly membership auto debited.
To get started, call 888-706-1245 or email [email protected].

Make 2019 Your Year of Sustainable Weight Loss!

I will help you to:
• Eat better, without dieting or feeling deprived.
• Get active, no matter what shape you are in now.
• Ditch the food rules, dropping the fad diets and conflicting advice.
• Build fitness into your life, without it taking over.
• Achieve, and maintain your goals, even when life gets busy.
You will end up:
• Losing the weight/fat you haven’t been able to shed for years.
• Building physical strength and confidence in your body.
• Gaining mental confidence, no longer hiding your gifts and talents.
• Letting go of food confusion, learning what to do, and how to do it.
• Getting off the diet roller coaster once and for all, and never looking back.


• Two 30 minute coaching sessions for Keto program and intermittent fasting plan.
• 10 NovoThor sessions for weight loss support and to decrease inflammation in the body
• 4 B12/MIC injections
• One week supply of Keto packs (while waiting for your order to arrive)
• Personal Chef Program available – free consult and $100 gift card from European Wellness


• 12 months of coaching: includes monthly in person coaching, daily email coaching program.
• Pantry Purge
• 12 NovoThor sessions per month
• B12/MIC injections, bi-monthly
• Personal Chef program – free consult and $100 gift card from European Wellness

To get started, call 888-706-1245 or email [email protected].

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