Six Tips for a Spring Six-Pack

Today is the first official day of spring, which also means bikini season has arrived. We all want to look amazing in our bikinis, and one of the most noticeable aspects of a great bikini body is a flat stomach. But getting that flat stomach, or even better, six-pack abs, doesn’t just come from eating salads and doing crunches. Try some of these simple tips to help you get that sexy six-pack this spring:

  1. Make water your new BFF. Drink A LOT of water. If you think drinking one glass a day is enough, newsflash: it’s not. Water prevents hunger, food cravings and stops you from eating more than you need. Easy Adjustment: Try drinking at least one liter of water each day. An easy way to ensure you drink this much is to start replacing all of your other beverages (i.e. soda, juice or coffee) with water. Bonus: water is cheaper so you will be saving money!
  2. Get more sleep. Here’s a fun fact you’ll appreciate: a recent Harvard study found that people who slept less than 5 hours a night weighed about 5 pounds more than people who sleep at least 7 hours a night. Why? Lack of sleep increases activity in the “reward” part of your brain, which leads you to reward yourself, more often than not in the form of food. Easy Adjustment: Well, this is obvious. Get more sleep. Shoot for at least eight hours every night. Anything less than seven hours a night is not enough.
  3. Add High Intensity Training (HIT) to your workouts. As the famously fit trainer Jillian Michaels would say, “You can’t just do crunches, you can’t spot reduce fat that way. It’s a lie.” Adding high intensity, interval training to your workout routines a few times a week will help you burn more calories in less time. ​Easy Adjustment: Add any of these short, fast movements to your routine two to three times a week: jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers or jumping rope. Start out at moderate speed for about 30 seconds, and work your way torward faster movements at about a minute for each interval.
  4. Lay off the booze. Steer clear of the term “Beer Belly” by limiting your alcohol consumption. Most forms of alcohol are high in empty calories. Large amounts of alcohol, especially consumed in the evening, are also proven to have a bloating effect. Easy Adjustment: Indulge in the occasional social drink during a holiday or celebration, but try to limit it to one glass. Drink this glass slowly, and try drinking a glass of water with it so it slows down your drinking.
  5. Smart snacking. Did you know that over the years, snack sizes in the U.S. have increased from around 360 calories to 500 calories? If you are an average worker snacking about twice a day, that’s an additional 1,000 calories you’re taking in every day, all from snacking alone! Easy Adjustment: When grabbing a snack for later, only use one handful of whatever you are going to snack on. If it doesn’t fit into your hand, the portion size is too large. Try protein-rich snacks like almonds, some low-fat cheese or even some beef jerky.
  6. Try a non-invasive procedure to tackle problem areas. Sometimes no matter how much we diet and workout, we still have problem areas in our stomach area or around our waistline. Easy Adjustment: Try the non-invasive Liposonix treatment. This revolutionary technology vanishes unwanted, hard to lose fat, with patients reporting going down a whole clothing size. ​

Along with your regular workouts, these tips will have you bikini ready before you can say “summer.”

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