Pre-Holiday Must-Have Treatments

ewc-blog-pre-holiday-checklistFrom weight loss to wrinkle reduction, we all want to know the best pre-holiday beauty treatments that actually work. Here is our list of must-have treatments to consider before the holiday season to leave you looking flawless.

If you eat right and exercise, but still have one to three inches of belly fat, you may want to consider our Liposonix treatment to remove that unwanted fat before the holiday party season. Liposonix is a non-invasive treatment that works by targeting and blasting stubborn fat with high intensity frequency ultrasound. To learn more or schedule an appointment, click here or contact us with further questions.

Another treatment you should consider is the Photofacial. It is good to get one after the summer season and one right before the holidays. The Photofacial uses light to pull up and fade away sun damage, age spots, redness and broken capillaries. If you have summer sun damage, it may take a few treatments to see the results, but it is worth it. We also suggest using our private label Firm and Fade Cream every other day to lift skin and fade age spots. We can also combine the Photofacial with our Sublime firming laser to firm skin and improve skin texture.

A great fall refresher is to get botox in the upper part of the face to relax crows feet and wrinkles, and to get our Sublime Firming Laser in the lower part of the face. Using bipolar radiofrequency and light energies, the laser heats the dermal tissue to stimulate collagen production in the face. Fine wrinkles are reduced and facial contours are improved. Overall skin quality will appear smoother and more even. There is no numbing or downtime for this treatment so it is great to get it a few days before your next black tie event.

Patients ask us all the time: “Which laser is right for me?” We suggest scheduling a free consult to learn more about the different options and how they can help reduce fine lines and skin laxity, and sun damage. However, we do suggest our clear + brilliant fractionated laser as a great laser to improve skin tone and texture with no downtime.

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