How Healthy is Your Water?

How much do you really know about your water? Although water does get treated at sewage plants, it’s never possible to remove 100% of all the harmful chemicals. These chemicals come from pharmaceuticals, such as prescription and over the counter drugs, creams and ointments, and cosmetics. Not only are they unable to completely remove these chemicals, but an occasional sewage pipe breaking or overflowing, will spill sewage directly into already treated water.

What about bottled water? When tested, about one-third of our water will have a problem, including the leaching of plastic into the water. Additionally, if tap water was tested the same amount of times it would also come back with similar results. Some brands even add ingredients, such as salt, which prevents your body from absorbing water. Therefore, the only real benefit from bottled water is that it’s convenient.

If both tap water and bottled water aren’t good for your health, what is? The answer is to find a science based water, which is specifically formulated to best benefit your health. Why pay for unhealthy bottled water, when Evolv Water has been formulated to actually benefit your health? Evolv Water will enhance your health by the following:

  • Improving the absorption of vitamins and minerals
  • Accelerating recovery from fatigue
  • Upholding a healthy circulation system
  • Sustaining a healthy immune system

Evolv water is also recommended by HealthPro Nutrient, after an extensive research study was conducted. Evolv Water has been specifically formulated, and perfected throughout its 15 years in existence. The water we use is from a natural spring to deliver the best nutrients. HealthPro’s recommendation is to drink Evolv instead of regular bottled water. Remember, it is advised to drink more than HALF of your body’s weight in water per day. Ensure your body is properly hydrated by trying some Evolv Waters today!

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