Do You Know the Right Time to Use Skincare Products?

With all of the different kinds of products out there, one of the questions people ask most often is, “When do I use this?” After the basic cleaner-toner-moisturizer, how are we suppose to layer products to maintain effectiveness? Here are some general rules to help sort out skincare products once you get them home.

  • Use the products that have the lightest texture first. Feel the texture of each product that you have. Use any watery or gel-like textured product first. We want these products closest to the skin, which are generally serums, penetrate faster and have a higher concentration of active ingredients.
  • Use exfoliants at night. Check the ingredients, does it contain an AHA like glycolic or lactic acid? Is retinol one of the active ingredients? If so, these ingredients cause photosensitivity, so it best to put it on at night and give your skin a chance to repair. Be sure to use an SPF in the morning!
  • Use the reparative products at night. Does the cream repair fine lines? Skin, like our bodies and mind restores itself during rest. Get the most benefit for your reparative and anti-aging products by using them during your time or rest.
  • When all else fails… Prioritize your routine by YOUR primary concern. Let us say you have two light-weight, watery serums. One addresses hydration, and the other has antioxidants. If you want to use both, use the one that addresses your PRIMARY concern first. If your primary concern is hydration, put that on your cleansed skin first. If your primary concern is anti-aging, use the antioxidant serum first instead. The active ingredients will all benefit the skin, but this way it absorbs the product that fixes your first concern the fastest.

There are, as always, exceptions to every rule. These are only guidelines designed to help you build your own customized routine with your favorite products. When in doubt, follow the recommendations of your skin care professional.

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