Autumn Skincare

Autumn season implies special care for our skin including protection, nourishing, moistening, and cleaning and toning. Today we want to talk about the methods you can use to take good care of the skin during this time of year.

To protect your skin, you should have fall creams that are noted “regenerative” or “protective.” Such creams will help you build up the protective barrier for the skin against the weather changes.

It’s also worth mentioning that the fall cosmetics should have more fatty components in their compositions than the summer ones.

But as is generously known, you should know where to stop, because if you overdo it using an oil-rich cream, you simply harm the skin. The thing is that creams that are too fatty can cork up the pores when heated (at work for instance) leading to the oxygen penetration into the skin cells.

Masks are also incredibly important in Autumn! They should combine both protective and vitamin qualities. An oat mask is an excellent example.

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