5 Proven Ways to Lose Stubborn Fat

Why is it that no matter how hard we try, some fat just refuses to go away? If losing it were as easy as joining a gym, the term “stubborn fat” wouldn’t exist. The struggle is real, so here are a few helpful tips to finally rid your body of those last few inches:

ways-stubborn-fatThink H2O: Each day, try drinking half of your weight in ounces of water. If this seems difficult, try this trick: When you find yourself feeling hungry at odd times in the day, reach for a cup of water before grabbing food. This can help fulfill your craving, as often times, our mind tends to confuse hunger and thirst. Drinking that extra amount of water fills you up and keeps you from overeating.

Water is an awesome, natural metabolism booster: When your metabolism slows, your organs won’t function as efficiently, which slows your weight loss. Drinking lots of water, especially during a workout, is a simple step to increase your metabolism and aid your progress.

Never stop moving: Summer is approaching – get out and enjoy the sunshine! Running, biking, swimming and even walking help keep your heart rate up, and win over resistance training for weight loss exercises. Also, make sure your workouts are at least 30 minutes long to get the most out of your routine.

If you are already exercising regularly, increase your workout session by about 15 minutes and change up your workout routine. Altering the type of exercise you do, the frequency, duration and the intensity gives your metabolism an extra boost and helps to burn extra calories.

Take your diet seriously: In order to lose that stubborn fat, you can’t just decrease your calorie intake a few days a week and expect results. Get strict with your diet, but not to the point where you end up hungry. Try eating smaller, more frequent meals. Make sure you are eating lots of high-quality protein (chicken, fish and beans), fruits and veggies.
Try supplementing your diet. The AMA recently changed their position on supplements and decided that most Americans can’t get the nutrients they need from food alone. Adding a good multivitamin to your diet can help nourish millions of cells and keep you balanced.

Get support: Sticking to a weight loss goal can be difficult. Do you have a friend who is also trying to lose a few pounds? Ask them if they want to start a weight loss program with you. A combination of professional support and support from your friend can help you achieve the best results.

Get a little professional help: If you have tried everything you can to lose that stubborn fat, there are professional treatments that will certainly get the job done. And no, you don’t have to go under the knife for a risky surgery.

Try a safe, non-invasive treatment like Liposonix. This FDA-approved treatment uses ultrasound energy to blast unwanted fat and is perfect for targeting those “problem areas”. Best of all? You can see results after just one treatment. In fact, most patients report losing 1-3 inches, or one whole dress or pant size.

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