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Rewards Cards


European Wellness Rewards Cards are now available!

Start earning points when you spend $200 at European Wellness


Earn points by:

  • Activating a card = 50 points
  • Receive 50 points on your birthday
  • Receive 50% in points of what you spend on full price services after the first $200
  • Receive 10% in points of what you spend on discounted services after the first $200
  • Refer a new patient that purchases $200 to $500 in services and receive 100 points
  • Refer a new patient that purchases above $500 in services and receive 200 points

There will be several ways to earn points on a monthly basis – look for updates in our
newsletter and blog so you can find out about them.

Points are transferrable to friends and family!*

Once you accrue 200 points you can begin redeeming them!

500 points equals a $250 coupon that can be used for up to $100 off per treatment, per visit. For example: you could take $100 off a Juvederm syringe, plus take $100 off your units of Botox and take the remaining $50 off of a hydrafacial.

Points cannot be combined with Brilliant Distinctions points, however you may use both in the same visit. For example: use Brilliant Distinctions points to discount 1 syringe of Juvederm, and the second syringe could be discounted by redeeming Rewards points. Not valid to redeem or earn Rewards points on Botox Day because you earn Brilliant Distinctions points.

If you accrue 2000 points you can redeem all of them at once for one full price laser treatment of $500 for IPL, Refirme, or Matrix!

You must have your card present to earn and redeem points.

*They must have your card with them.

To find out more and receive your Rewards Card today contact:

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Rewards Cards

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