Hi Britta,

Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the series of ReFirme treatments that I have had.  At first your suggestion that I have one treatment for every ten years of my life seemed like a lot…after all I am 70 plus!  However, after having the treatments I couldn’t be more pleased!  My skin seems at least 10 years younger, IF NOT MORE!  (The capitals are mine.)  It has restored fullness to the parts of my face that had started to become hollow,  my brown spots and rosacea are greatly diminished, and my skin actually has a ‘glow’!

Suzy (age 73), Laguna Beach

Hi Ladies,

Hope this finds you well. I just have to tell you, my skin looks great. I don’t know how many women my age that have returned from almost three weeks in the Mediterranean can honestly say they were happy with the way their skin looked throughout the entire trip. I got accused of wearing make-up one night when I didn’t have any foundation on whatsoever. Although I owe a lot of it to my genetics, I owe just as much of that to you! Also need to give credit to my hairdresser that I’ve been with for 26 years, as my hair was hassle free and still looked good.

This all culminated with meeting a man who assumed I was 9 or 10 years younger than I am. I didn’t have the guts to tell him the truth. Nothing of any significance, but just ended the vacation with some teenager like excitement.

Thank you so much for helping me to be the best I can be (sounds like a commercial). I’ve never been a pretty or beautiful woman, but you’ve certainly helped me accept what I am.

Thank you!

Darlene, Newport Beach

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Every time I pass by a mirror I catch a glimpse of my face… WOW. My cheeks look so good! I mean to say, what a difference in my appearance!

I am so excited about this procedure, Britta! It completes all the others…the Juvederm, the Botox.

I’m looking at a much younger, youthful (for my age), not haggard, face. Good thing I’m not narcissistic…I love the way my face looks, bruises and all!

Thanks so much!

Sally, Newport Beach