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4 Easy Ways to Look and Feel Your Best for Valentine’s Day

%european%wellnessWith Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we’re all worried about looking and feeling our best for that special someone. In addition to deciding what to wear and squeezing in that extra workout, we need to consider the little things we can do to feel good about ourselves for that special day. So, here are a few simple tips to help you look and feel your very best:

1. Drink lots of water: Water can be a miracle elixir for your body and skin. It hydrates and refreshes your entire body. In this next week leading up to Valentine's Day, try to drink more of it.

2. Get your beauty sleep: This one is simple; make sure to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep. More sleep means you’ll be in a better mood, your immune system will be stronger and your body and skin will look and feel better.

3. Avoid salty foods: Salt leads to bloating, and bloating leads to us feeling, well, not so great. Limit your salt intake to ensure your tummy doesn’t feel full and uncomfortable this Valentine's Day.

4. Pamper yourself: Get your nails and hair done, do an at-home face mask, or even schedule a Hydrafacial at European Wellness. Take some “me time” and relax. Whatever makes you feel pretty because let’s be honest, Valentine's Day is about us women.

Have a lovely Valentine's Day with that special someone and have a glass of champagne for us!

Up to 50% Off Our Favorite Treatments for the Holidays



Show Off Glowing Skin for the Holidays

This holiday season, get the skin you deserve with our special, seasonal pricing on our favorite treatments. Enjoy up to 50% off services including:

  • The Jessner Peelnow only $99 (reg. $200) One of the most effective light cosmetic peels available, this treatment provides your skin with a great exfoliation of the outer layers of skin cells. The deeper exfoliation produces noticeably clearer and smoother skin after only a few days.
  • The Hydrafacialnow only $99 (reg. $200) This hydrating and soothing facial combines cleansing and exfoliation to produce smoother, healthier skin. The treatment also reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores and hyperpigmentation. There is also no downtime which makes for an easy, quick pre-holiday treatment.
  • The Micropennow only $200 (reg. $400) The most effective and reliable treatment available for Percutaneous Collagen Induction Therapy, this treatment produces new collagen while reducing scarring and smoothing the skin.
  • Handrafacialnow only $30 (reg. $75) This treatment is like a Hydrafacial for your hands. Reduce signs of aging, remove brown spot and get rid of veins with this great treatment for your hands.

Limit two per person. Give one as a gift this holiday season!

Claim yours by emailing

Hurry and claim yours today, these special prices are only available through December 31st!

Refresh Your Skin in Time for Thanksgiving with the Hydrafacial


With the holiday season set to begin soon, it’s time to prep our skin so it will look its best this time of year.  You will be able to handle any family gathering or Thanksgiving dinner when your skin is relaxed and refreshed. The Hydrafacial will help you retain your youthful glow this holiday season.

Throughout the entire week of Thanksgiving, we are offering a special price on the Hydrafacial. This holiday treat will give you the perfect, glowing skin just in time for those Thanksgiving get togethers.

Best of all, the Hydrafacial only takes 20 minutes. This is the perfect treatment for a special event, when you need your skin looking its absolute best. An added bonus is that the treatment requires no downtime, so you can get on with your day as soon as your Hydrafacial is finished. Book your appointment the week of Thanksgiving before those important Thanksgiving dinners.

Enjoy the Hydrafacial for only $99 the week of Thanksgiving

Book your Hydrafacial today to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and congested pores in time for the holidays and enjoy gorgeous skin.

To learn more about the Hydrafacial, click here.

Click here to book your Hydrafacial and take advantage of this special pricing.

Black Friday Came Early this Year


Shine for the Holidays with our Early Back Friday Package

We are offering a Black Friday Package that you can enjoy without the hassle of waking up at 3am to get it. This Black Friday Package is full of our best treatments that will have you looking gorgeous just in time for the holidays.

Wouldn't you like to look your absolute best at those upcoming holiday get togethers? Now you can. Our Black Friday Package will brighten your skin, remove blemishes and leave you with younger looking skin so that everyone can see how beautiful you look this holiday season.

There are only 10 packages available so claim yours today!

You wont want to miss this one. The Black Friday Package includes:

  • Four laser treatments of your choice. Choose between the Photofacial IPL,ReFirme, or Matrix IR. (Package price – only $362).
  • Two Hydrafacials, or you can substitute for Dermapen or any peel. (Package price – only $75).
  • 50 units of Botox (package price – $8.50 per unit) and one syringe ofJuvederm (package price – $450) or two syringes of Juvederm (without Botox).

Save even more when you purchase your package with CareCredit and enjoy one year interest free financing, as low as $209 a month!

Please contact or call 949-307-9165 to claim yours.

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