Artistic Restoration Lift with ArqueDerma

The effects of aging, trauma, or massive weight loss can make your physical appearance different from how you feel on the inside.

ArqueDerma is an original injection technique that can give you natural, dramatic results. Pronounced ‘ARC DERMA,’ ArqueDerma in Latin literally means “to inject the skin.” This technique works by directing a patient’s own tissue toward facial hollows.

  • Longer lasting results because of increased collagen stimulation
  • Restoring sunken volume to its original shape
  • Targets structural support of face
  • Directs patients own tissue toward facial hollows

Britta is a licensed practitioner of Arque Derma. Only licensed practitioners can perform this treatment. Utilizing your own volume allows us to use less dermal filler product. This makes the ArqueDerma technique more economical than conventional methods. You will immediately see dramatic results!