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Testimonials from ArqueDerma™ Patients

%european%wellnessAt age 66 a tired look is considered the norm… NOT SO! I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the unique technique known as the ‘ArqueDerma™ Lift’. I was transformed to an uplifting, youthful, natural, refreshed appearance with minimal discomfort and definitely no down time with instant results. The one word that comes to mind is ‘Rejuvenation’. The entire experience was definitely not ordinary, but extraordinary! So thankful.

Stephanie, 66, Dallas, TX

I am 38 this year, and since having the ArqueDerma™ lift six months ago, I have been carded two out of the 4 times I’ve tried to order a drink. Before that, I had not been carded for about 10 years, so that just tells me I look at least 10 years younger than I did before the lift! If you are planning to get fillers, you MUST do it using this technique. Trust me, I have had it both ways, and there really is no comparison. It’s not even close to the old way of doing things.

Amy, 38, Minneapolis, MN

I had only heard of the ArqueDerma™ technique from friends, but didn’t expect to see such wonderful changes! I cannot tell you how happy I am with my appearance! Such natural, youthful looking results! Leslie is AWESOME and is a magician with the needle. You can definitely tell she has so much passion for what she does. Many Thanks.

Kristine, 42, Torrance, CA

I want to express my appreciation for your exceptional (what I am calling) ‘embroidery with a needle’. This is truly a marvel. I plan to tell all my friends about you and the innovation of the ArqueDerma™ Lift! My face tells the story. It looks SO GOOD! I meant it when I told you ‘the needle in your hands is organic’. Your needle is to you what the trumpet was to Miles Davis. You are a true gift!

Judith, Palm Springs, CA

My wife has been getting non surgical treatments for years. (She tried to hide it, but I knew) She looked so refreshed after her treatments; I finally made her admit to me what she has been doing. After it was out in the open, she suggested I see about having some stuff done to ‘maintain my youth’, I think is how she put it. Code words for ‘You are getting old too, let’s not look like it if we don’t have too.’ Long story short, I had the ArqueDerma™ lifting technique and if I don’t mind saying so, I think I look pretty darn good. My colleagues have said subtle things to me like, ‘It looks like you enjoyed your vacation.’, and ‘You look so healthy.’ Those are comments you want to hear from people, not ‘What did you do to your face?’ A natural, more youthful look: that is what the ArqueDerma™ Lift can do for you.

Steve, 45, Studio City, CA

I knew something was different about this technique the moment I felt my skin being pulled upward during the injection. I have had almost every technique/ injector around for the last 15 years, and I have never seen results even close to the ArqueDerma™ technique. In my opinion, there is nothing that compares to it, surgically, or non-surgically.

Sally, 55, Beverly Hills, CA

I had Juvederm® injections and was basically disappointed: I didn’t have enough money to ‘fill up’ my face. Once I heard about this new technique, I found a reduced airfare and flew to the nearest ArqueDerma™ Practitioner. Even with the airfare, I saved money, but here is the amazing part about an hour and half after the procedure, I arrived at the airport and I presented my boarding pass with my driver’s license (one of my best photos -one that I hoped my family would use at my wake!) to the TSA gentleman. He looked at the photo and then looked at me and said, ‘This photo does not do you justice. You are a really beautiful woman. You look younger than you are in the photo, yet this license is XX years old!’ I was so shocked that after I got through security, I ran to the ladies restroom to look at myself! This is a true story….I am so happy. Other comments range from: ‘You look so much more relaxed. Did you lose that terrible client?’ (no) and, ‘What are you doing…are you taking new supplements?’ (no)

DRC, Montana

On my 35th birthday my Grandmother was 95. I complained that I was ‘getting old’. She looked at me in disbelief and said, ‘Do you think I am a 95 year old woman? I am not. I am a 35 year old woman trapped in a 95 year old body. That’s how it is for everyone. Inside, you are not what people see on the outside. This has been one of the hardest aspects of life to accept.’ Now I am 61 and although I am considered an attractive woman, I knew my looks were effecting how people perceived me. I feared that my drooping face would affect my ability to gain new clients, so I had my marionette lines filled with dermal fillers using conventional methods. I quickly realized that I needed even more filler to truly change my tired look and that it would cost a small fortune…that I did not have. I knew there had to be a better way and I diligently searched for another dermal filler technique. Through the hand of God, I found ArqueDerma. I am so pleased. My look is refreshed, younger, more proportionally balanced. I have renewed confidence in business and in my personal life, greater self esteem, and actually see myself in a way I never did when I was younger. I could never ‘see’ my God-given beauty and now I can. I am a much younger looking woman with a face that no longer betrays me. This is no less than a miracle…and I am not overstating.

MBC, 61, New Orleans, Louisiana

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