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Pronounced 'ARC DERMA,' ArqueDerma™ in Latin literally means 'to inject the skin.' It is a beautiful blend of two words. The name ArqueDerma™ imparts a seamless mix of the artistic, 'Arque' (classical architecture – arches, buttresses, corbels), and medical science, 'Derma.'                                      


ArqueDerma Artistic Restoration Lift™ is an original, patent-pending methodology developed by Leslie Fletcher, RN, MEP-C, to deliver FDA approved and/or medically approved (in Europe and other countries), well-established dermal fillers, Juvederm®, Restylane®, and Perlane®. Leslie developed this revolutionary technique while working with thousands of patients over the last 10 years in her practice as an aesthetic nurse injector, as well as an aesthetic injection trainer.

ArqueDerma™ Artistic Restoration Lift™ provides natural, more dramatic results not achievable using conventional filler techniques offered by most clinics. Using precepts found in physics and architectural engineering, the ArqueDerma™ technique utilizes 40% less filler to achieve unprecedented, longer lasting results. 


Unlike conventional volume replacement techniques, the ArqueDerma™ technique utilizes dermal fillers as strategic relocation vectors to redistribute and direct your tissue toward the facial hollows that have formed. Using the ArqueDerma™ technique, your Licensed ArqueDerma™ Practitioner collects excess facial volume that has dropped downward, and artistically redirects it to create a more youthful, aesthetically-pleasing look,  'lifting the veil' to reveal and embellish your natural beauty.


The ArqueDerma™ Philosophy

"The art of reshaping the face to its most aesthetically-pleasing proportions lies in enhancing and supporting its basic underlying structure. "   Leslie Fletcher, RN, MEP-C

Often, the effects of aging, trauma or massive weight loss can make your physical appearance very different from how you feel on the inside. Our goal is to enhance your best features and downplay or minimize those that are less-than-perfect through the artistic use of the patent-pending ArqueDerma™ technique in combination with FDA approved and/or medically approved (in Europe and other countries) dermal fillers. Our technique offers a way for Britta to provide more than a new, refreshed look, but to truly transform the way others see …and perceive…you.

Britta Wetteskind is a Licensed ArqueDerma™ Practitioner. In order to become a Licensed ArqueDerma™ Practitioner,  Britta has completed an intense 8-12 hour training through InjectAbility™ Institute, home of the ArqueDerma™ technique.  Only a qualified Licensed ArqueDerma™ Practitioner holds an ArqueDerma™ License and is allowed to perform the technique. These Practitioners are highly trained artists who carry out the patent-pending techniques to creatively lift and sculpt your face to perfect your beauty. Licensed ArqueDerma™ Practitioners are trained as artistic designers who restore the structural support of the face for an enhanced, aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

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