Summer Hair Prep Tips

1. Shower Before a Swim

Chlorine, salt, and natural lake sediment wreak havoc on your hair, so before you take the plunge, we suggest a pre-wash and condition. It may sound weird to shower before getting in the water, but allowing your hair to soak up fresh, filtered water prevents it from absorbing the harmful properties of chlorine or salt. After stepping out of the shower (or from under the hose!) spray in or comb through a leave-in conditioner to further hydrate your locks.

2. Lighten up

Summer is the time to let your hair go a couple shades lighter—remember that remedies like lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide can increase dryness and breakage. To avoid this, we suggest applying a mixture of lemon juice and conditioner on your dampened hair. This allows the sun to lighten up those roots while keeping your hair moisturized!

3. Rehab Your Hair

When you officially retire from beach bummin’ for the day, make sure to hop in the shower and start rehabbing your hair! Try using a restorative shampoo which removes chemicals and helps rebuild your hair’s fibers.

TIP: If you’re showering before bed, don’t rinse out the conditioner. Instead, leave it in and wrap your wet, conditioned hair in a hand towel and fasten with an elastic. Let your hair rehab overnight and absorb all the moisturizing agents of the conditioner. Then give yourself a fabulous blow dry with a round brush in the morning— your ‘do will be full of body, shine, and irresistible softness!

4. Keep Hair Strong

To prevent your hair from split ends, it’s always a good idea to get a trim and treatment done at your local salon once a month.

TIP: Eating proteins like fish and nuts to keep your hair healthy! This will enhance your hair’s strength and prevent breakage.

5. Fight Frizz

The summer humidity can make your straight hair go frizzy in a matter of minutes! Prevent this by using a good moisturizing cream-based product. Put a little dollop of the product in your hands and run your fingers through your hair, spreading the product evenly throughout your locks. This is a great way to tame the frizzes while adding moisture back in your hair!

TIP: For emergency fixes, use dryer sheets to smooth hair down. Not only will it take the frizz out, but it will add shine and leave your hair smelling fresh all day!

6. Condition, Condition, Condition

Summer heat can cause weak and dry hair. A conditioning treatment instantly adds life and moisture to your hair.

TIP: If you can’t splurge on a salon conditioning treatment, the tried and true at-home remedy of coconut oil works too. Try this recipe: take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, rub it in the palms of your hands, and smooth it through damp hair. If you want a deep condition, leave the coconut oil for an hour or two, if you want a light condition, rinse it out immediately. This is a great way to cure dry, damaged, split hair from the sun and chlorine.

How to Treat Sunburns

In the summer, it’s almost inevitable to get sunburned. Yes, they are terrible, we feel your pain. So, if you are suffering from a sunburn, here are some tips to help soothe the pain.

Load up on cool moisturizers. Aloe vera gels is number one for this, though if you can get fresh aloe vera, that’s even better. You can also apply calming lotions. Put it in your refrigerator for a few hours before you apply it, so it can be as cool as possible on your skin.

Whatever you do, do not put butter or greasy oils and lotions on your burn. It would just trap in the heat and cause more irritation and discomfort.

Avoid hot showers. Take lukewarm showers instead. Not to hot that you burn more skin off, and not to cold that showering is a dread as well.

Avoid harsh products in the shower. Soaps can irritate your skin even more and it is painful when they contact each other! Try to find some products that are very natural and gentle to the skin (baby shower gels should do the trick).

Avoid the sun. This should be number one, but whatever you do – avoid the sun! Do not apply sunscreen over a sunburn, as it can worsen the inflammation. If you do go out, stay in the shade and wear loose fitting clothes and hats so that it doesn’t irritate the affected areas.

Hands off! Do not pick, peel, or rub your skin – you’re just making it worse, and taking longer to heal. Leave it alone and let it heal by itself.

Soaked Cloths. If you’re taking the day off to recover, applying a soaked cloth in cool water and applying it on the burns while you sit/sleep/watch TV can help for some temporary relief.

Drink lots of water. It doesn’t do much to our skin, experts say but it can greatly help with your sunburn. Sunburns can dehydrate your body, so make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids.

Take medications/ See a doctor. You can take aspirin or ibuprofen to reduce the pain and inflammation. If you feel very sick (fever, dizziness, disorientated), are starting to get open wounds, or you feel the burn looks ‘worse’ than usual, see a doctor immediately.

Learn your lesson. You can really learn from this experience! It’s not that hard to apply sunscreen, you just have to remind yourself – reapply every 30 minutes if you’re out in the sun.

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