Now Offering Metabolic Testing

Metabolic Rate Measurements

Metabolic rate, or metabolism, is the rate at which the body expends energy. This is also referred to as the “caloric burn rate.” Knowing metabolic rate is vital for weight loss as well as many other health concerns.

Energy expenditure can be divided into three groups of calories:

Resting Calories – Calories that are burned while the body is at rest. These calories are needed just to maintain life. The majority of all calories burned (about 70-80%) are burned at the resting level.

Activity Calories – Calories that are burned because of normal daily activities are “Activity Calories.” Normal daily activities such as walking, eating (digesting food), typing, etc. are included in activity calories.

Exercise Calories – These calories are burned because of exercise.

The sum of all of these groups of calories is the total metabolic rate.

European Wellness Cosmedical can help you define precisely how many calories your body actually burns, and calculate how many calories you should eat to lose or maintain your weight using our new ReeVue technology. Your metabolic rate will be compared to what is “normal” or “average” for your age, height, weight and sex. We often hear people blame their “slow metabolism” for their weight gain, but most people do not have a slow metabolic rate.

We’ll then use what we learn to guide you in establishing a plan for your specific needs.

Why you Need Vitamin Supplements

Recent studies indicate that an estimated 90 percent of U.S. adults are nutritionally deficient. It used to be that the majority of the vitamins and minerals that our bodies require to function optimally were derived naturally, from the foods that we ate. Today, many of the foods that were once teeming with essential vitamins and minerals are now so overly processed that much of their nutritional value is depleted, by the time they hit store shelves.

Most people think that eating the right foods and getting plenty of exercise is enough to keep them healthy. While exercise and diet are critical components of our overall health, it is equally important that we replenish the nutrients that our bodies lack from diet alone, using dietary supplements.

Combined with a healthy diet and a regular fitness program, physicians believe there are some supplements that you can’t afford to live without, including:

  • Multi-vitamin – It’s estimated that we only get 10 percent of our daily vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat. Multi-vitamins are a great way to supplement the nutrients that our bodies lack, all in one convenient dose.
  • Vitamin D – Aids in calcium absorption to help build stronger bones. Additionally, vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to health challenges ranging from osteoporosis to cancer.
  • Fish Oil/Omega 3 – Reduces inflammation and protects the heart from cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack. Fish has also been proven to lessen the likelihood of breast, colon and prostate cancer and even Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Resveratrol – Resveratrol is an antioxidant that has been proven to reduce oxidative stress and minimize the risk of a variety of health challenges, including coronary heart disease and many forms of cancer.

Many supplements, however, are wastes of money because they are low in quality and lack in purity needed for full absorption. HealthPro Nutrient supplements, sold at European Wellness, are pharmaceutical-grade supplements that give you all of what you need, and nothing you don’t. Contact Britta today for personalized recommendations according to your specific needs.