Causes of Dark Circles

Do you suffer from what is otherwise known as “raccoon eyes” (dark circles under your eyes)?

You’re not alone. And don’t worry; in most cases it can be treated. Wonder where they come from? Here are some of the possible causes:

  • Broken blood vessels under your skin, which could be caused by many things.
  • Generally, it’s hereditary.
  • Cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine.

What are a few ways to get rid of these dark circles? There are topical treatments to help curb these raccoon eyes. Vitamin K cream (DDF Nutrient K Plus, for example), or other creams containing caffeine (Obagi Eye Serum). Give these a shot, and if you’ve exhausted all other measures for treatment, don’t hesitate to see your doctor, as you could possibly have an iron deficiency.

Stay Fit this Thanksgiving with Our Tips

Keep Your Waistline in Check This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is that one holiday every year that poses a serious threat to our diets and figures. This year, why not incorporate some healthier strategies into your traditional turkey day so you don’t have to stress about unwanted weight gain? Try some of these easy tricks and strategies to avoid the guilt and stay lean even after the big meal day.

1. Go Light on the Appetizers – These little bites seem harmless because of their size. Unfortunately, they add on extra calories very quickly. When it comes to appetizers, serve raw vegetables with a light dip or a vegetable soup as a first course.

2. Choose Alcoholic and Holiday Drinks Carefully and Limit to One – Did you know one glass of wine adds 120 calories, while you’re average holiday mixed drink adds around 250 or more calories? Try to keep it down to one glass of wine with dinner. Make sure to have a water glass with you so you drink more water to slow down your wine drinking, which also allows you to savor the one glass.

3. Pace your Eating – Take time to savor your food and chew your bites. Slowing down your eating decreases your chance of over eating and leaves you feeling full sooner.

4. Portion Control – Regardless of what you may think, you don’t have to eat everything on your plate! Choose the foods you really like or don’t get to eat too often.

5. Exercise – Try to get in a hard workout the morning of Thanksgiving, or add a post-meal walk to your ritual that all of your guests can enjoy.

6. Avoid Leftovers – If you know you are going to have a feast large enough to feed an army, this year try downsizing. Limit the amount of dishes you make to the ones everyone really wants. Send home leftovers with others so you’re not left with a fridge full of food to munch on over the next few days.

Now that you’ve learned a few strategies, try to apply these to your turkey day routine. That way, you can actually enjoy your Thanksgiving without the added guilt and calories.